Have you ever seen a handsome guy, felt his interest in you, but then you totally froze?


Have you ever had a guy flirt with you online, but then it fizzled out?


Have you ever had a date who gave you a compliment, but you brushed it off?


We think we have all the time in the world…but life does pass us by, most significantly in the moments when we shut down. 


I see women shut down all the time. And I don’t blame them — there are a million reasons why you probably learned to be self-sufficient and guard your heart.


But guarding your heart won’t get you love. And there’s no way to open your heart in those now or never moments of love without learning, and practicing, staying open.


The two biggest problems I see in women who are looking for love but haven’t found it are:


1– trying to do it all themselves


It takes relationship — human contact and insight — to create a relationship. You can’t learn this from a book!


2–losing these now-or-never moments


Because they don’t have the skill, confidence, or practice to keep a glance, a message, or a date going.


We expect men to take all the risk in dating — getting down on one knee, approaching us at an event, sending the first message online. 


But truthfully the woman has the power and control, and she is making the first “move” by signaling her interest. 


Too many women don’t know how to do that when it really counts.


If you know you need help with the now or never moments of love, consider this:


NOW is one of those moments.


You can either forget this email and keep going with what you’re doing, and end up in the same place romantically,


Or, you can stay open and get some support by setting up a free call at www.violetlange.com/talk 


What do you choose?


Xoxo, Violet

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