Do you feel like men don’t ever want to commit?

Do you use the excuse that “they’re just guys, they don’t really want a relationship”

Well, that’s B.S.

And by B.S. I mean a Belief System.

It’s your Belief System that says men don’t want to commit.

My Belief System is completely the opposite.

I see LOTS of men who want to commit.

Men who are hungry to make a difference in the world and want a true partner to help them.

Men who do want a family.

Men who value LOVE and want to HONOR a woman.

When we start to change our Belief Systems, everything changes.

In fact, a woman (Hannah) I worked with went from attracting emotionally unavailable men who didn’t want to commit, to hearing this from her date:

“You can bet that you would not be a girlfriend for very long, you are unlike any woman I’ve ever met and I was waiting for so long for this feeling.”

Yep. He said it. A feeling. He wanted that feeling of a woman who would be his wife.

Where might your own B.S. be getting in your way of incredible romance like this, where the guy can’t wait to make you his girlfriend and then his wife?

Don’t distract yourself with this B.S., and don’t let it take you out of the massive potential for a lifetime of love.

Yes, there are guys who won’t commit.

And there are also guys who WILL commit.

Can you tell the difference? Can you attract the right one?

I’m not sure — I would have to talk to you to see if you’re willing to get out of your own way, willing to see and change the belief systems that are keeping you single and heartbroken.

The women I work with love shifting their B.S. to Breakthroughs.

They love feeling fantastically empowered in love.

If that’s you, let’s talk.

Xoxo, Violet

For your own Breakthrough to Love session, pick out a time here.

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