The hallmark of a great relationship is that it ENHANCES your entire life…


Hotter passion, more money, higher promotions, deeper creativity, sexier beauty, stronger trust, a better quality man…the list goes on and on.


Why would you ever have to tradeoff love and power?


Guess what, you don’t!


If you’ve been hesitant to invest in your love life because you think you’ll have to date down, settle, or hide your superpowers, guess again.


My clients are CRUSHING it when it comes to love and that is translating DIRECTLY into their careers.


When you feel loved, you are unstoppable.


You ask for raises, you take on new promotions, you start non-profits, and you write incredible books.


Imagine what’s possible in your business, your bank account, and your life, with that fierce feminine radiance…


Let me show you a taste of what’s possible from my clients who are getting 65% increases in their compensation:

And clients getting dream job offers working remotely (from Italy or wherever she wants!) with triple her current financial situation AND staying on track with her love!

See where she says “Wow! I’m badass!!”


Yes she IS! And it’s only been 36 hours since she started working with me. It really can be that easy.


If you want more love and more money right now, it’s simple. Just set up a free call with us to unleash your feminine power and magnetize everything you want.


Xoxo, Violet


PS does this feel too good to be true? You can hold onto the hard way — endless swiping through profiles, working hard without being recognized, staying stuck in life and love — OR you can make your life easy. Press the EASY button right now and book a free Breakthrough to Love call:

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