Love on The Planet — Are You Doing Your Part?


Sounds like a sci-fi propaganda poster, right? Love versus the Robots? Hahaha.


I do not believe we have a responsibility to get married, or have kids, or stay in broken relationships.


But I believe we have a responsibility to contribute our highest level of love. Unconditional love. Compassion. Dignity. Service. Trust. Romance. Beauty. Sensuality.


Are you growing in your capacity to contribute love: to our society, to your friends, and to a potential romantic partner?


If not, why? Is it because you don’t think you can? Because you’ve been hurt too much in the past? Or because you just don’t know how to stretch your capacity to love and to evolve your skills?


If yes, how? How are you offering more love to the world and those around you? Is it getting better, deeper, richer, or have you plateaued?


We are shifting into a new world. One of interdependence instead of independence or co-dependence. One of authenticity and vulnerability. One of integration of the masculine and feminine energy within us and around us.


Are you keeping your head stuck in the sand, or are you actively participating in this massive shift in consciousness?


I am totally devoted to being a woman of love. That might look like fierce love sometimes. Or sensual love. Or Holy Love. Love has many faces — but it always leaves the giver and the receiver transformed. It is additive, and generative.


Jason is my king and I love him dearly. And one of the reasons our relationship is so strong is that we have a broad view of our love.


It radiates beyond us and touches our friends, our colleagues, our mentors, and our students. We know our love has a bigger calling than even us.


And that makes it easier to stay committed and attuned. It makes it easier to take things less personally. And to honor each other and our love.


How are you contributing a loving relationship to the planet, to yourself, and to your partner? What’s your vision for your love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you want deep spiritual connection in your love, and want it to have a bigger role beyond just the two of you — but you don’t know where to start because you’re single or newly dating — set up a free Breakthrough to Love session. On this 45 minute call you’ll get to explore your vision of partnership with our guidance, and learn what’s keeping you from becoming the woman of love who can manifest it. Set up your time here at

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