You fall in love with someone, you are giving them your heart and receiving a rush of sensations, emotions, and pleasures. YUM!


You fall in love with a flower, you are giving it your pure attention and receiving its beauty.


You fall in love with a goregous dress, you are giving your money (money is just energy) and receiving a fabulous experience of feeling good, turning heads, and making memories.




But sometimes we want to get love for free.


Or we give love to people who aren’t capable of giving it back to us…ouch.


One of my clients Allison was ready to give up on love after pouring her heart into a non-committal relationship before we talked.


Luckily she didn’t give up because now he’s coming on stronger than ever and asking to be exclusive, after only a few weeks of working with me.


Why do some people give up on love and others don’t?


It’s sad to see women shut down or close off, or stay in a dead-end relationship.


What’s difference between them and the women who keep going and find their King?


In my experience talking to thousands of women, the difference between the women who stay single or unsatisfied, and the women who experience soul-shaking love and pleasure,


is their willingness to exchange energy.


“What? What’s that woo-woo right there?” you might be thinking…


It’s scientific fact and love is no exception. Our universe runs on the exchange of energy.


If you’re wanting to give up, or if you just haven’t found your partner yet, you have to bring MORE ENERGY.


And the RIGHT type of energy. Not the energy of going on 1,000 dates and getting burnt out or being overly masculine.


The RIGHT energy which is feminine, inviting, and totally magnetic to your man (even if you haven’t met him yet). AND, deeply authentic to YOU.


It takes ENERGY to be in our feminine essence. It’s not easy, but it is simple. And I want to show you how.


If you’re feeling out of energy towards love, it’s time you get a boost.


How can you go into 2019 and find love next year if you’re running on fumes?


You get the RIGHT ENERGY for love when you:


  1. Don’t have to do it alone — when you have a powerful group to support and fuel you


  1. Date more efficiently — when a mentor gives you the shortcuts and secrets so you don’t waste your energy on the wrong strategies or men


  1. Harness your feminine power — when you are CONGRUENT with your nature you can create without effort. Love flows TO YOU in exchange for you being you and the energy you put into yourself.


I think this time of year is like the rocket-booster. Forget about New Years intentions — get going now and get ahead of your dreams.


It’s time to lift-off for love and the only thing stopping you is having the right energy! If you’re curious what that would look like and feel like, book a free Breakthrough to Love call.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re ready to have way more powerful, lasting, passionate exchanges of love — leading to the exchange of “I DO”, let’s talk. You’re not doing anything wrong, you just don’t have the right energy, guidance, and support to get from where you’re at to your true love story. Set up your free call now here:  

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