What if you could receive even more delicious love in your life?

Whether you’re in a hot, sizzling relationship, wanting a little spark to your partnership, or looking for love,

in my experience what we all truly want is MORE love! Love that moves beyond limits, beyond our current experience of life.

In this week’s VLOG I share the two keys for getting more love — and it’s easier than you think!

If you decide to do my two day Valentine’s Day challenge on receiving, please comment below or on our Facebook page:

What’s the best thing you have received in the last 48 hours?

Maybe it’s a compliment. Maybe it’s a big check. Maybe it’s the rays of sunshine on your face.

Either way, I want to know!

I’ll be sharing your celebrations TOMORROW on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at 3pm PST during a total LOVE IN on Facebook live.

Let’s share all the ways we receive love and I’ll even be sharing one of my all-time favorites!!!

No celebration is too big by the way — no watering down what you receive in order to feel accepted. On the Pleasure Path, everything is sacred!

To join in the Facebook LIVE, click on our page The Pleasure Path tomorrow at 3pm PST and share in the comments on the video the BEST thing that came into your life in the last two days.

One of the best things to come into my life in the last year is a partnership with Linda LaRue, founder of American Fitness Couture.

I wrote an article on Love Beyond Limits for their blog to share a bit more about my journey — and why I believe Love will never Leave us Alone.

As one of their fitness influencers, I get to spend time doing photo shoots with Linda, discussing and designing new products, and sharing the love of feeling good in our bodies.

My favorite part of their company is their products — not only are they super soft and sexy, they’re also sustainably and ethically made in the US and based in LA.

Check them out at American Fitness Couture and see a pic from our last shoot below…I love this heart-opening yoga pose and the ocean view from Palos Verdes.

So excited to connect with you and hear your examples of receiving love!

xoxo, Violet

AFC purvottanasana.

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