In case you didn’t see my message from the 21st, we’re doing a special little gift for you to help you find love and feel empowered in your relationships…without settling, without going on a million dates, without anxiety about love. 


But today is the LAST day you can save 20% off our 2019 prices. That’s it! Just use the code GIFT.


Look, you don’t have to do one of these courses. But do SOMETHING for your love life, because it’s not going to get better on it’s own.


Online program not your thing? All good — my Fabulously Feminine course has 2 group calls a month + Facebook and email support…


and my course Queens of Pleasure, which has EVERYTHING you need for relationships and love, has multiple group calls a WEEK + 1:1 calls with me + text, email, and Facebook support.


You can still save 20% off on Trust Yourself, Win in Online Dating, and Fabulously Feminine


But if you know you want love fast, without having to do all the work, and with me guiding you each step of the way, just set up a free call.


There are only a few days left this year and this decade. Do something different, for you! 


Xoxo, Violet

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