Have you ever felt your love life dwindle into nothing? No prospects, no fun?


Have you ever had a relationship that started out hot and sweet, but got super boring super fast, and all of a sudden there’s nothing to talk about? 


When we lack creativity in our love life, relationships get boring, we get burnt out on dating, and we lose touch with ourselves. 


But when you keep the creative juices flowing, you’ll always be meeting new prospects and feeling alive and vibrant about love. And when you start a new relationship, it will get better and better instead of fizzling out.


The key is to stay in touch with your own creativity.


This might look like painting, or cooking, or taking a new class. 


Or it might look like salsa dancing, a meet-up group, or a solo trip somewhere you feel called.


So many women put their lives on hold, for their work/career, or because they’re waiting for their partner to do all these things with.


Don’t wait to live your best life!


While living your best life is not enough to attract your partner (you also have to have the right skills and energy for dating),


It certainly makes dating and relationships more fun and more likely to last.


Would you rather hang out with someone inspiring, brilliant, and dynamic?


Or someone who just talks about their work and the traffic?


I always encourage my clients, no matter if they’re just starting to date again after a few years of a dry spell, or if they’ve been dating unsuccessfully for a long time, to be sure they date themselves too. 


You have to know your desires and passions and follow them.


When I met Jason, I was taking weekly pottery classes and dance classes, I had a part time job that I loved as a hobby (giving Reiki sessions), and I even went to Japan by myself for 10 days to see the cherry blossoms.


He found it totally magnetic that my life was so rich and full. 


It was in stark contrast to the last woman he had dated, who was in a total rut in her life…while they were together for 4 years and it never led to moving in together or talking about marriage, he dated me for 8 months and then proposed.


Living your most creative life captivates the masculine, makes you more happy, keeps you young, and brings new people into your life.


And just as importantly, creativity is related to our sensuality and femininity, since our creative chakra (our second chakra) is the same place as enjoyment, pleasure, emotion, and sexuality. 


The more you stoke your creative fire, the more you’ll be getting in touch with aspects of the feminine and aspects of love.


Taking a painting class may not bring you your man…but neglecting your creativity not only will make it harder for you to find each other, it’ll make you dull along the way.


I teach my clients how to honor their creative impulses and fall in love with their life, as they learn how to date effectively, meet their partner, and create a beautiful, lasting love. 


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. Creativity keeps love going strong and invites the right person towards you sooner than when you put all your energy into work or the apps. But creativity isn’t enough. If you’re ready to feel turned on by life, connected to your creativity, and naturally drawing your guy towards you with skill and ease, let’s connect. Just set up a free 20 minute Discovery Call at www.violetlange.com/talk 

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