When I surveyed 6,000 women on what their biggest challenges were with love, the results shocked me…

“Keeping the faith you’ll ever find love” was neck-and-neck with meeting someone and with sustaining a relationship.


And not only that, but one of my best friends confided in me just a few days after the results came in, that love was the only area of her life where it was REALLY FREAKIN’ HARD to keep the faith.

This is a major problem.

Because when we lose the faith, we lose the potential.

Take a pause with me right now and think of a color.

Then look around the room for that color — find all the places it is (probably places you didn’t even realize, like a magnet on your file cabinet or the color of you didn’t even realize, like a magnet on your file cabinet or the color of your coffee cup).

Now, think of another color.

Try to remember all the places the second color is located as you immediately close your eyes.

Ok, open ‘em.

If you did that exercise, you’d have noticed that it was nearly impossible to remember the objects of the second color with your eyes closed.

We just don’t notice or remember things we aren’t particularly looking for.

Which means if you lose the faith about love, you won’t see it when it’s right in front of your eyes!

How many soulmates or loving connections have you walked past?

What if you’re missing “your person” and you don’t even know it?

I say this with full confidence for three reasons:

First, we had two engagements in the last two weeks of recent clients! Both of whom got engaged in 6 months or less and met their person within 2 months of our program. I’ll be sharing a bit more about their love stories over the next week, but just so you know, they both met their person in real life (not online)…

Second, I got married a few weeks ago (in a spiritual ceremony, see pic below, traditional wedding in 4 weeks!) and it’s been BETTER than I ever dreamed, and a million times better than my first marriage! It feels so good to get it “right” this time…and we met at a meet up event (and in a dream I had a few weeks prior!)

Third, a woman who joined our program heartbroken over her ex-fiance just started dating an amazing woman. She had to let go and move on, with the support of our tribe and a proven system, in order to receive her great love.

But when we go it alone, it can be hard to keep the faith…

For instance, do you feel like you’re surrounded by married friends who have amnesia about what it’s like to date?

Or do your single friends just bitch and moan as they look at their phone, swiping Tinder?

Neither of these are helpful.

What you need is a community of positive support, a mentor who knows how to successfully bring people to love, and a proven system that teaches you how to go from single to committed.

If you’ve given up, lost the faith, or feel like love will never happen to you…

The decision is in your hands.

You can keep that attitude and see what happens.

Or you can take action and get better at love.

When we want to be successful at something, we learn new skills and tools.

Are you ready for the best school of your life this fall? Will this be your season of love?

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. this is only for women who are really interested in a love of a lifetime, so if that’s you and you’re serious about finding your person now, then sign up for a free Breakthrough Call with our team here: www.violetlange.com/apply. Claim yours now as there are only a few spots left this week!

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