The myth is women shouldn’t make the first move.


The truth is women should make the first move.


This is one of the biggest questions I get from my clients:


How do I make the first move in a way that’s authentic and feminine???


One of the best first moves you can make in your love life is to book a call with us.


It’s free, and you’ll learn a ton about dating and relationships, and what to do to get the love you want.


Grab your spot here


Why do we do this?


Because we know there are only 3 weeks left in the year, and if you’re reading this you aren’t totally fulfilled in your love life.


You may not even really have one right now.


That’s ok — we’ve seen it all.


Having a great relationship and a solid marriage takes being proactive, not just hoping it all works out.


Make a powerful decision for yourself to be a proactive woman in love, not a damsel in distress.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you want to be empowered in love and feel totally confident you’re moving towards what you want, schedule your free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love session here:

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