Unfortunately, most of us didn’t learn how to reclaim our feminine light from our mother.

We didn’t always see our father treat our mom with respect.

We probably didn’t experience super healthy relationships role modeled for us.

They definitely didn’t teach us how to love in school!

And that’s exactly why: it’s not really your fault that you’re single…

I would bet you have a lot to offer a partner…but sometimes you find yourself stuck…

hoping for something different, but trapped in the castle tower…

looking at everyone else’s life and not sure how to shift your own.

Did you feel you had to choose between being independent and finding passionate, lasting partnership?

Did you choose (and lose) love before, and now you feel kinda numb?

Or do the men you meet lack integrity and make it all too easy to give up?

Most likely your single friends have all but given up too…

Maybe they’re just as confused and blinded as you are — by the new apps, the strange behavior, the chaos that is modern dating.

But you know what?


Re-enacting these old habits, blaming ourselves or our family, and getting lost in the sea of online dating is just not serving us anymore.

What you might not realize, until now, is that there IS another way…

In fact, a small group of women are totally crushing it when it comes to love.

Getting asked out many times a week by amazing men.

Feeling sexy wherever they go, even if it’s just at the gym.

Inspiring their casual date to commit to them within weeks.

Initiating conversations about what they want, and seeing their new partner totally rise to the occasion and show up.

These are attractive, successful, spiritual women, who before we started working together were single and felt their life was “good.”

But they reached out to me when they decided “good” was no longer enough…

They knew there had to be a better way to date and find their person, and they were ready to find it.

What they needed was a different set of skills for love.

These women are not princesses or damsels in distress, mind you — because I only work with Queens.

Women who take loving responsibility for their Queendom and everything in it.

Women who will not let their past — no matter how heartbreaking — keep them from love.

Women who actually don’t blame themselves or others, they just learn.

These Queens rule with a golden heart <3

And they will not settle.

They demand total devotion, and they get it,

because they have learned the tools and methods to attract and keep their King.

The choice is up to you — stick with the old way of dating chaos and feeling trapped by the past…or join a small group of women leading a new revolution in love.

Xoxo, Violet

P.S.…If you are a Queen who feels disconnected from her light…who’s played the warrior for too long… let’s talk. We can cut through the BS of blame and shame and get to what really matters — your badass future and your life of love! I’m looking for only 3 more women to join The Queens Club, a one-year mastery to unveil your inner Queen, attract your King, and build a passionate, fulfilling partnership which lasts. Sign up here for your interview with me by January 1st.

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