Hope you’re hungry! There are delicious nibbles and entire meals spread out for you to enjoy…to warm your heart and fill you up and return you back to love. 


And the best part? There are other incredible women here to witness, love, and support you on your journey.


Okay, so this is a cheesy metaphor, but truly, I want to give all the tools and knowledge I have to you! 


This year I developed more new courses than ever before — it’s like all the wisdom, experience, and teachings I’ve been developing suddenly became even more crystal clear. I hear that incredible creativity is a side effect of pregnancy — so thank you baby Ruby 🙂


While Queens of Pleasure, my signature program for dating and love, gets the best results on the planet (we’ve had 13 women get engaged or married in 2019 alone), I know that some of you are looking for something more a la carte.


So here’s the deal — you can access my other courses right now for 20% off. 


Not because they’re all of a sudden less valuable — in fact every time a woman I work with gets engaged, goes on a great trip with her guy, or heals her broken heart, the work I do becomes even more precious. As this momentum of love and incredible results continues to build year after year, these courses become MORE valuable. As a result, I will actually be increasing prices in 2020 because right now I’m offering them at a steal.


But…I know sometimes we need a little jump start to take action on our behalf.


So this is my gift to you — use the code GIFT when you check out now, and get 20% off any of my courses (excluding QOP). 


I am only doing this for a day or two, because I like to reward action takers. People who take action fast always get the best results. I’m just saying, it’s not my job to coddle anyone…it’s my job to get those who are willing into a great love. 


So if that’s you, here are the links:


Trust Yourself in Relationships www.violetlange.com/trustyourself


Win in Online Dating www.violetlange.com/dating


Fabulously Feminine www.violetlange.com/fabulously-feminine


If you don’t take action now, not only do you miss the 20% discount, but you also will miss out on 2019 prices. But more importantly to me, you’ll miss out on love. 


We are in a new era, and a new decade, where no one has to be disempowered in relationships, settle, or live life alone. The tools, technologies, support are here for you — but you need to show up. 


So, take action now, see you on the inside, and enjoy the feast!


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. use the code GIFT to save now on 2019 prices and more importantly, save yourself from your next heartache and instead find lasting love.

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