There’s a sneaky way we keep REAL love from us, ladies…


And it’s deeply ingrained in us as a culture.


We’re taught from a young age to be nice…and we oftentimes seek to be LIKED.


But I see time and again that when a woman is focused on being LIKED, it’s pushing away true love…Do you want your partner to “like” you? Or do you want your partner to LOVE you deeply?


Don’t you want them to be crazy about you and know that you’re their #1?


Here’s the problem with wanting to be liked…


Now it’s a deep part of us, because of course we don’t want to get kicked out of the tribe because in old-times that would mean we would die…die of isolation or die of starvation or die of lack of shelter.


While those times have passed, the old part of our brain still fears being rejected by the group…so we try to fit in and be liked.


This can make dating impossible — your dates can tell if you just want them to like you…and it’s off putting. Feels like you’re trying to make them a sale.


This can also ruin relationships…when we get used to our partner “liking” us but forget to stay in love.


The challenge is that when we’re busy wanting to be liked, we hide our AUTHENTIC light. That confident bada$$ part of us that shines brilliantly, uniquely, and magnetically, attracting the right people to us.


If there are people who don’t like you, in my book it’s an okay thing. Because why waste your time trying to make everyone happy? When you could be spending that time living your best life with the partner of your dreams?


Every day I help clients fall in love with themselves and attract an amazing relationship that gets more passionate and connected every day.


Are you ready for TRUE LOVE that brings out the best in you?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you are longing for real love, where you can be cherished and adored, not just “liked” let’s talk. We do free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love calls for women who are ready to stand out and attract an amazing partner, simply by being more of themselves. If that’s you, make sure to grab your spot here as spaces are limited and we have 30 to 40 women reaching out to us each week:

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