Have you ever noticed that some men seem to take forever to open up and commit?


Or have you ever experienced a man saying he’s “just not ready” only to marry the next woman he dates?


I’m going to be vulnerable here and share that I used to be in that boat. I used to “train” men to get into commitment…with the woman right after me :/


Lots of my ex-boyfriends proposed to the woman they dated after we broke up. This was endlessly frustrating!


He said he wasn’t ready…turns out he just wasn’t ready with me.


But, I have also been on the other side of this equation…Jason proposed to me just 8 months after we met — even though he was with his previous girlfriend for four years and never even talked about marriage.


My first husband did too — he proposed less than a year after we met, even though he and his ex had been together for a long time.


It can be a big problem to invest so much energy into someone and then see them commit to  someone else. Especially if this happens to you again and again.


It’s enough to close off your heart, and want to give up on relationships for good. But if you’re reading this, you haven’t yet, and please don’t.


You are worthy of commitment and love. You just haven’t understood or been taught how and why men commit.


Once you understand this, you’ll be able to move on from your past, open your heart again, and receive lasting love.


If your heart is attached to someone, but they aren’t committing, you have to heal your heart and find a fresh start, yes even with the same person!


You don’t have to breakup, but you have to be willing to come to the relationship without the resentments or mothering or smothering or manipulations.


Because this topic is so important for creating a lasting partnership, we’re doing a special 3 hour interactive online workshop in a few days: Spring Clean Your Heart.

This applies even if you’re in a relationship but it’s not getting to the next level.


By the end of this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will have:


***A set of tools for healing your heart and finding gratitude and peace for your past and current relationship


***A detailed understanding of your patterns of attraction and how to shift your energy to inspire commitment


***A mapped-out GAME PLAN for getting a fresh start (and more commitment) in love this spring


Reserve your spot HERE for


“Spring Clean Your Heart”

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm to 8pm PST

Your total investment: Just $580 with our Fresh Start Special (regular price $1100)


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Spring Clean Your Heart


See you in a few days!


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. Be advised — I’m only offering this training on March 19th. If you register now, the REPLAY is included. If you wait, you can still purchase the replay but it will be sold for $1100 – almost TWICE as much. Get all the delicious details and tips now for just $580. Spring Clean Your Heart

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