The myth is that you should play it cool if you want love.


The truth is you should NOT play it cool if you want love.


If you’re feeling nonchalant about love, or hardened, or cynical, I have news for you…


That’s not sexy to men, or to the world. And it will never give you the romance and commitment you deserve.


The times of being aloof and cold and distant are OVER. This will not get you love.


It’s not your fault though, if you have felt withdrawn or cautious about love — most every woman on the planet has suffered sexual abuse, harrasment, or difficult breakups.


However it is your OPPORTUNITY AND RESPONSIBILITY to heal and take action right now to become a woman of love:


a woman who trusts, a woman who moves forward in passionate partnership, and a woman who is deeply embodied in her feminine energy.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women and talked to thousands. Tens of thousands have watched my videos and trainings.


And guess what?


The ones who find love, and find love the fastest with the best partners, they have their




They are not sitting in the corner hoping love finds them or being negative.


They aren’t walking around like the “cool girl” saying they don’t need love, or that they have their career, or that men suck.


HAIR ON FIRE FOR LOVE means they are totally committed to having a great relationship.


It means they are not willing to go one more second being lonely.


It means they will do WHATEVER it takes to be in an amazing partnership, including getting support and learning the right way to do things.


Yes, there is a “right” way.


I know that because I’ve seen lots of women who don’t get help flounder and stay stuck (or worse, get back together with an ex and get an STD from him — yes, this happened with a woman in the UK who wrote to me but refused to get help)…


I’ve mentored lots of women so they get unstuck and in just a few weeks met a great guy who proposes to them in less than a year.


The difference between these two types of women? The first doesn’t take action, and the second does. It’s just that simple.


Would you rather be smug and single? Thinking you can do it all alone?


Or would you rather be conscious and committed? Aware of your desire for love and taking action to get it?


Is your hair on fire for love?


Xoxo, Violet

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