When I went through my divorce, for the first three years after that, I literally felt like I needed to tell everyone that I went on a date with that I had been married and that I went through a divorce.

It was almost like I felt like I had to put a sign on my forehead to warn people.

But every time that I said it, I felt a tightening in my belly, and I felt guilty about myself. I felt like I was a bad person.

Do you walk around in discouragement or shame from your divorce?

Is it affecting your dating life?

It took me three years to realize that no one I met or dated cared that I was divorced.

They weren’t like, “Oh, you must be a bad seed.”

I had more than one man actually say,

“Yeah, that’s too bad that happened, but I SCORED because that means you’re single now.”

If you are available, it means that whatever you went through in the past, actually contributed to you being available right now.

And if you weren’t available right now, this person would not have the glorious opportunity to sit across the table from you, or buy you a drink, or get to know you.

So whatever you’ve gone through that you might be labeling as baggage, is actually to your future partner’s benefit because it’s contributed to you being the woman that you are today.

How do you relate to your past? Are you free and clear and confident?

Even if you’ve been through a divorce, you can attract an incredible partner. I did, and over half the women I work with have been through a divorce and still get into loving relationships.

When was your divorce?

And are you still suffering because of it?

Doesn’t have to be that way 🙂 Love can happen again.

Xoxo, Violet

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