The myth is, true love is hard to find.

The truth is, true love is NOT hard to find…

when you have the right attitude, skills, and support.

My client Carol thought it was so hard to find a guy she was interested in.

When we started working together she was frustrated there “weren’t any good guys left”.

When we changed her mindset, gave her new skills to flirt and date in person and online, and helped her with the emotional support for the ups and downs of dating, she started seeing great guys everywhere.

She literally told me “I had no idea there were so many guys in my city! Like I’m literally seeing them everywhere and they’re flirting with me. Why couldn’t I see this before?”

Carol realized she was blocking her own success in love. She had been shut down and going in circles with the same bad boys. Once she shifted, her reality changed as well.

Think about looking for your keys if you lost them.

You can search around your house, your pockets, your purse.

Or, you can set up a device on your keychain which links to your phone, and when you can’t find your keys, you press a button and voila, the keychain starts beeping.

It’s like a tracking device for your keys.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have for love?

My husband is my tracking device — when I need love, he’s there for me. I feel his heart. I feel his care.

He cherishes me, and with our solid foundation, I get to share all the gifts I want to give the world.

Before I met him, I felt lost. Yes, I had a great career and good friends and was in good shape.

But something big was missing. The most important thing to me was missing. Love.

I knew being a mom was the greatest blessing I could hope to receive.

Yet I kept feeling stuck and frustrated because it seemed like every guy I dated the situation got worse and worse, faster and faster.

Now, Jason and I are making plans to get pregnant, and I am SO excited!

You don’t have to do this alone — life, love, or your journey to fulfillment.

You can have a tracking device, not just a husband (although that will happen too)…:)

but a place within yourself that when it’s “on”, it attracts all the right people and situations and experiences to you, like that.

Most people have gotten used to the struggle. So many of my clients say “wow, I had no idea dating could be this easy and fun!”

They just didn’t have their “tracking” device which connects them to love.

What is that tracking device?

It’s having alignment with your mind, heart, and body.

It’s focusing on your own brilliant light more than pleasing someone else.

And it’s knowing how to date EFFECTIVELY, not blindly.

Life is complicated. Relationships are complicated too, when you don’t have the right tools. Make love easier to find 🙂

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re done with the old way of dating and ready for a more effective way to find true love, let’s talk. I love to connect with women who are smart, but who haven’t had the right “tracking” device or system and support for love. As you probably know, approaching your love life like you approach your work just doesn’t work. It requires a different approach. If you’re ready for transformation and better results, select a spot for a complimentary Breakthrough to Love session here:


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