What’s the one thing you really want this year for the holidays?


I bet it’s not something you can get on Amazon 🙂


Most women are aware of the things they desire…which tend to be “things”…


But not every woman is in touch with what she LONGS for…


How about for you? What is it?


To be held and to feel cherished?


To have a life partner who can support you AND inspire you to dream bigger?


To trust yourself and know you’re worthy (and capable) of great love?


Someone sexy to bring to your holiday party or to kiss you under the mistletoe?


Even if you DO know what you long for, do you have the skills, mindset, and feminine energy to actually receive your longings?


Gifts come and go. So do houses and cars. Bank accounts go up and down. So does our weight.


What if love was something you could actually depend on?


What if love was something consistent you could actually trust?


If you’re single, you may have a hard time trusting love. There is probably a mountain of limiting beliefs in your mind about men, dating, relationships, and even yourself. 


These beliefs are keeping you from attracting the love of your life, and keeping you from trusting YOURSELF in love.


One of the most powerful shifts that happens right before my clients meet a partner is that they start to trust themselves in relationships. They stop second guessing what they wrote in that text, stop agonizing over an ex, and stop staying too long with the wrong guy. They start to honor and develop their intuition in love.


And from this foundation of self-trust, they get what they want, quickly.


Because I’m out with baby right now, I’m not taking on new clients. But I do want to help you find love, especially this time of year. 


Whether you’re casually dating someone…


Or not dating anyone at all.


Whether you’re in a relationship that’s crumbling…


Or exclusive but wanting to make sure you get engaged or move in.


The key skill you need is to trust yourself in love.


So I’ve created a training for you that maps out how to:


  • Believe in Yourself
  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Attract Trustworthy People
  • Communicate Better
  • Enjoy Your Relationship


Create the trust within yourself you need to conquer your fears, stop self-sabotaging, and have the love and relationship you dream of!


Go to www.violetlange.com/trustyourself and get instant access to:


  • My signature Trust Yourself system
  • Dozens of audio and video files
  • Empowering Beliefs playbook
  • Guide to Inner Child Affirmations
  • Seven specific tools and practices to implement right away
  • The trust you deserve to create relationships (and a life) you love!


Plus These Amazing Bonuses When You Sign Up Now: 

  • $200 off 
  • Masculine and Feminine Trust in Relationships Audio Guide with Jason and Violet 
  • Special Bonus Guide: The Top Ten Ways to Build Trust with Your Date


Sure you could try to wing it on your own, but I wouldn’t want you to start 2020 behind. You could have this course done in a matter of days and be in a totally better relationship in weeks. 


It’s your choice.


You never know how long your potential partner will be single before he or she finds someone else, or how long your partner or friend will put up with all of your fears, anxiety, and complaints around dating. 


So this is your first step in trusting yourself — trust yourself and your value enough to say yes to yourself and yes to love! Let’s get started!


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. if you’ve wanted to trust yourself in love, so you make better choices, attract trustworthy people, and don’t have to go through another holiday alone, go here now for love: www.violetlange.com/trustyourself

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