Is love *really* just a numbers game?

And if so, what are your odds?

I talk to women every day who have been single for years.

They go on a few dates a month…

They’re attractive, smart, successful, and kind.

These are AMAZING women, just like you.

But there’s something missing…

Despite going on ALL of these dates,

And despite being on ALL of the dating apps,

And despite really having their stuff together…

They never get asked out on a third, fourth, or fifth date.

After putting themselves out there again and again,

they never get into an actual relationship.

You know, the kind where they know he’ll bring them orange juice when they’re sick…

The kind where they get to plan for a future together, like camping trips or going to Paris…

The kind where they get to share their deep secrets and hidden pain…

the things that really sucked about being a kid or their worst heartbreak…

and get held while they cry…

The worst part about believing dating is a “numbers game,”

Isn’t actually going on a million dates (although trust me, that gets exhausting)…

It’s missing out on the soul-mates who were ready for you,

But knew better than to spend all of their time online.

A quality guy isn’t spending all his time on Tinder…

He’s advancing his career…

Hitting the gym…

Meeting his friends for a hike or happy hour.

He’s walking past you in Whole Foods,

Networking next to you at a Meet-Up event,

Telling his friends he’s finally ready to meet a great woman.

But if you aren’t ready for love, on the inside, it doesn’t matter where you walk past him.

Love isn’t a numbers game

It’s a commitment process:

Of being totally willing to say NO to the guy who you know isn’t a good fit, BEFORE you go out

Even if he seems “nice,” or his profile “checks all the boxes”…

It’s a commitment process:

Of being 1000% committed to being present, for yourself…

and dating with your heart not just your mind.

It’s a commitment process:

Of trusting your intuition and looking for LOVE,

Not more dates.

Don’t ever hire a dating coach,

Unless you really love dating and aren’t serious about love.

Hire a LOVE expert, someone who understands relationships

How to get one

How to keep one

And how not to mess it up along the way

…which I’ve done more than a dozen times….

(I used to be the Queen of short-term relationships)

Dating has changed more in the last 5 years than in the last 50

And unfortunately it’s created a false idea that more is better…

(more apps, more partners, more selfies lol)

But most women I talk to are lonely.

It’s no longer fun.

Their heart and soul want MORE,

And they realized long ago that the odds are NOT in their favor.

Despite all the frenzy,

Only 1 in 10 NEW committed relationships (defined as people who have been married 5 years or less) started online (Pew Research source below)

Only 1 in 20 of all committed relationships started online — that’s 5%!

AND, a full one-third of people online have never even gone on a date with someone they met online….

Yeah, those are the guys wasting your time.

The women I work with know they want LOVE,

Not dating.

And they’re ready to be efficient,


Dare I say, strategic,

To attract the right love.

If this is you — if you’ve been online but haven’t gone out,

Or if you go out often from online date but it never lasts more than a month,

We should talk.

Message me below — when’s the last time you had a real relationship?

And what’s the FIRST thing you’d do if you woke up with a committed, loving partner?

Would you make each other pancakes?

Or sleep in til 11?

Would you walk the dog together?

Or hop in the car for a road trip?

Daydreaming about love isn’t enough to make him show up,

But neither is online dating.

What you need is a proven strategy, a community to support you, and a mentor who knows the ropes.

Who can walk you through step-by-step how to meet a real guy, in person, and create a real relationship that goes the distance.

Who can take the daydream, and turn it into reality.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to talk.

Private message me or reply to this email.

And, if this pissed you off, I want to hear that too.

If you’re frustrated, I get it. If you just spent 10 years in dating prison, I feel for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Break free!

Xoxo, Violet


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