Do you sometimes struggle with knowing what to say in your online profile, or with knowing how to message back and forth so it leads to a date?


Do you often have a hard time knowing when to be vulnerable, and when to just play it cool?


Do you second-guess yourself when you decide to be intimate, wondering if it’s too soon or if he left because you waited too long?


It can seem like there are so many grey areas in dating and so many unanswered questions!


If you’ve ever done any of those things above though, don’t worry. You are normal. Most women do not know how to navigate modern dating — period. And it’s just getting worse.


When we doubt ourselves like in the situations above, it’s because we lack the internal certainty that the actions we take and the words we say will get us love.


Maybe you read a book, but when you tried to implement it in your love life it epically failed.


Or maybe you followed your mom’s advice, but it never seemed to work.


Or maybe your girlfriends told you what to say, but then it backfired.


So you might be feeling a little stuck and shocked, not sure WHAT to do to acutally create a great relationship.


I would understand if you felt afraid of rejection, exhausted, or curious if there were any good guys left.


But you can’t let your current circumstances define your future if you want to win in love


Because luckily all of those self-doubts and judgments can fall away, and all of your fears can melt, as you build the confidnece and certainty needed to trust yourself in dating and love.


This is like learning to ride a bike…it takes a little time (like a few weeks) but then you get the hang of it.


Most of my clients need a lot of guidance and support when we start working together. They ask me “was that text okay?” “was it too soon?” “how do I get my ex back?”


And with my hands-on guidance plus proven system on communication and the dating rules-of-the-road, they catch on pretty fast and are dating with excitement and gratitude (even if they’ve struggled with dating for years).


Sometimes I’ll go a week or two without hearing from a new client and I’ll wonder what happened…only to find out they were soaring in a new relationship and forgot to let me know!


Now there are women I AM worried about in love and relationships. And those are the women that think they’ve got it all figured out, even as they continue to suffer.


But for women who reach out for help, get guidance, implement it with support, and learn to trust themselves, I know love WILL find a way.


How much do you trust yourself in love? And if you don’t, how willing are you to get help?


Xoxo, Violet

PS don’t let fear take over your dating life…it can waste your precious time and energy, when your heart actually has SO much love to give! If you’ve ever doubted yourself in love, don’t worry, we all have. But the difference between self-doubt and self-confidence is getting the right skills and implementing them with someone who’s got your back and isn’t biased. It’s easy to get quick help now by setting up a free Breakthrough to Love session here:  

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