Do you have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day?


If not, don’t worry. Just do something different! Here’s what I mean…


You can either look at Valentine’s Day as something to celebrate, whether you have a partner or not, or you can look at it as something to get upset and bitter about (which won’t really open your heart to love). 


Why not celebrate love, on V Day and all days?!?


Here are three ways to enjoy this holiday while single:


One: Appreciate the Love You See


Instead of being bitter, what if you could be grateful for all the expressions of love? And know and trust that it’s going to happen for you too? One of the fastest ways to get what we want is to be grateful for it, in advance, and to visualize it happening for us. So why not look at all the V Day love and say yes, thank you for showing me it’s possible!


Two: Have a Self-Care Extravaganza 


Buy yourself flowers, enjoy a fancy glass of wine, dance naked in your kitchen — whatever makes you feel sensual. Focus not on what you don’t have — focus on all the pleasures you can enjoy. Or share those pleasures with someone who could use a pick me up — give a stranger a flower or a smile, or sign up for a volunteer event later this spring. 


Three: Make This The Last Year You’re Single!


One thing I always tell my clients is “This could be the last time you’re single! Wouldn’t you enjoy these weeks and months a little more?” One of the women I work with really doubled down on that idea — she made it her motto to enjoy every moment of being single, savoring it as the “last time” and now she has an incredible boyfriend of 6 months (who she met just 3 months after starting to work with me) because of the mindset and skillset I taught her. 


Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, keep your heart open and keep moving forward. Set up a free call with me at and make this your last VDay being single!


Xoxo, Violet

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