Lately I have been doing some deep work to integrate my masculine and feminine. Partially because being a new mom has required it, and partially because it’s time for me to evolve. This has taken me beyond what I’ve been teaching the last seven years, into new concepts, practices, and a new version of myself and my life.


It’s time for all of us to move past masculine and feminine in isolation and to bring these energies together in harmony, within us and within our relationships and structures. It’s time to let go of societal norms and pressures, and to create and lead more boldly and authentically.


I have been feeling this way for a while, but I got caught up. Caught up in teaching masculine/feminine polarity and heteronormative dating and relationship. Caught up in my own life and business. Too scared to ruffle feathers, too “comfortable” to change.


But feathers must be ruffled. Because not everyone is flying — not everyone is free to experience love, happiness, and safety. The world is different than 6 months ago — global pandemic, civil rights movement, economic changes — and this world (and we humans within it) must shift.




Because we need leadership now in our society, and true leadership is about integrating our masculine and feminine. It’s about integrating our shadow (blindspots) and our light (consciousness), with fierce love. It’s about bringing perspective to feelings by processing our emotions, and bringing feelings to our perspectives by uncovering our limiting beliefs and their emotional and social impact. It’s about connecting to our bodies, to our environments, and to our communities.


I had planned on reopening my Fabulously Feminine program this summer. But it just doesn’t feel right. I am in the process of learning more about intersectional feminism and rethinking how I teach about feminine energy.


What isn’t feeling right to you, in your own life? What do you need and want to learn more about? Where haven’t you been listening to your heart or your gut?


I am listening more. Listening more to my clients, listening more to my community, listening more to my truth.


In a few days, I’m going to be inviting you to a small workshop series called Embodying Divine Union. I would do that here, but the technical set-up isn’t done yet…so if you’re curious to know more now, just reply to this email and I’ll send you the details.


To our expansion and evolution,


Xoxo Violet


(photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash)

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