I get asked every week, “how do I rekindle my desire to date?”

“What if I want love but I’m getting exhausted or still getting over an ex?”

Imagine a time in your work life when you felt totally burnt out…

Most likely you found a way to show up — because you had to.

Most likely you got some caffeine, asked a co-worker for help, or told your boss you needed guidance to re-prioritize.

Now, I don’t think dating should be like a job because I want it to be fun and feel really nourishing…

But, it is important to remember that anything we want in our life will require a change.

Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity (according to Einstein :))

So what I’m NOT going to do is to tell you to give up.

Women I’ve helped who tried that strategy in the past, of giving up because “it comes when you least expect it” ended up just wasting two years of time.

But you can date with a purpose, aligned with your relationship goals.

What are your goals for your love life in the next three months? What is your “purpose”?

Would you like to flirt with someone at a party?

Would you like to have someone cute to message with when you’re home for the holidays?

Would you like to have someone to kiss when the ball drops for New Year’s Eve?

Would you like to be in a power-couple relationship by Valentine’s Day?

I know the holidays can be a lonely time but the more you think about what it is you’re looking for and what your desires are, the more that you will stay in a space of possibility with an open heart.

Stay focused on the vision, instead of focused on what you don’t have, so you don’t give up.

Tomorrow I’ll share another way to rekindle your desire to date, even over the holidays.



PS I’d love to hear your relationship goals and milestones! And if you aren’t totally clear yet, that’s okay too — we can help you create a relationship vision which excites you. We have a few openings this week, just select your time here.

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