Are you curious how to move from casual dating to something committed?


Seeing a few people but just not sure? Or have one in mind but they’re aloof?


So many women struggle with fear in the early stages of relationship.


Fear they’re too picky, or fear they’re going to settle.


Fear of abandonment, fear of rejection.


There’s no room for love with so much fear! In fact it can mess up even a beautiful beginning.


If you feel overrun by fear when you date, especially when you’re not yet exclusive, it’s not your fault.


My clients are normally pretty scared when they find me. They’ve been crushed by breakups, missed chances, and hurtful messages online.


But they overcome their fear because they know that what they want — a committed, healthy partnership — is on the other side.


My client Carmen was afraid to get started in my program, because she was so sad and dejected about love. She had almost given up hope.


Except for a guy she had recently met online, who had everything she had been looking for…


She was terrified of ruining it with him, or of him turning out like all the others.


Instead of letting fear keep her stuck, she did the smart thing and reached out for help.


We transformed her fear into faith — in herself, in him, and in love.


We showed her how to draw the best out of a man, and inspire him to commit, even if he said at the beginning he just wanted things to be casual.


And now her guy is begging to see her and asking her to be only his.


She’s not even sure she wants to be exclusive with him now! Because other guys are coming out the woodwork to connect with her and take her on dates.


She has lots of options, and her fear is gone. She’s confident she’ll make the right choice over the next few weeks — she’s on HER timeline, no rush.


After she was miserable in the first few weeks waiting on him, now he can wait 🙂 Especially because your partner is one of the MOST important decisions you will ever make, so she wants to have my help to do it right.


If you want to move from fear to faith, and from casual to commited, let’s talk.


You don’t have to live life, or find love, on someone else’s terms or timeline.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if there’s someone you’ve connected with but you’re not sure if he’s into you, or not sure you have the skill to make it work, set up a free Breakthrough to Love call with us now. We’ll help you get clarity on getting to commitment and having what you want in love. We have 30 women a week signing up for sessions so pick out your spot now at

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