Do you remember the last time you went on a first date?

Was it last week?

Last month?

Last year?

And do you remember the moments afterwards — even the days afterwards — when you weren’t quite sure if he’d ask you out again?

I absolutely remember those times!

I have to say, for most of my life, those times were full of agony!!!

I had a VERY hard time TRUSTING he would ask me out again.

Does that ever happen to you?

Fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, self-criticism would all creep in and suck the joy out of dating.

The more anxious I became, the higher the stakes (it seemed),

and the more I would inadvertently put pressure on this new “relationship,” if only in my mind.

At times I wasn’t sure what I could change to get a guy to ask me out again, like clockwork,

and to stop the worry and obsession about getting a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th date.

It’s actually a big issue, because if you can’t get to the next date, it’s incredibly hard to get into an actual relationship…

it’s like having all these opportunities fall through your fingers, with a major toll on your self-esteem

When you don’t know how to convert dates into relationships, it’s easy to get hardened, which only makes the cycle of doubt, and not getting what you want, worse.

But you can absolutely create faith in yourself and in the process so you know you’re desired, chosen, and adored.

My clients go from failing to get 2nd or 3rd dates…

to having guys want to see them as soon as possible and asking them out on a second date before the first one is even over!

One of my clients, Teresa, has had two men in the last month completely smitten with her,

to the point where they are bringing her gifts, making future plans, and wanting to see her multiple times a week.

Before we started working together though, Teresa was feeling depressed about dating and anxious about getting second, third, and fourth dates.

What happened?

She made a massive shift into dating the right way:

She shifted her focus from the man to herself.

She shifted her energy from masculine-based to feminine.

She shifted her support from flying solo to having a mentor and tribe to support her through the dating process.

If you want to feel like a Queen, with men asking you out again and again, and without all the worry and stress, then now is your time.

If you are cool with dating casually and ghosting or being ghosted, or aren’t totally committed to love, this isn’t for you.

But if you want the secret decoder ring (as one of my clients says!) for men and love,

and are willing to be self-aware and decisive about your love life, then choose to learn the right way to date now.

Love, dating, and relationships don’t have to be hard, or a black box of confusion.

Make it easier for yourself by doing it the right way instead of spinning your wheels.

So that men ask you out consistently, and you never have to worry about a not getting a second date again.

And so that 2018 is the year you go on your LAST first date ever —  the one with your future boyfriend or husband!

Xoxo, Violet

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