Yesterday I went live in my Facebook Group Free Your Feminine to talk about the most POWERFUL feminine force in the world…


Your Desire!


How much romance do you desire in 2019? A little? Or a LOT?


Why not have fresh flowers, jewelry, travel, affection, and commitment?


Or are you being stingy with yourself and settling for bottom of the barrel?


From years of helping women find love, I’ve seen the most potent tool a woman possesses is her DESIRE.


Desire has taken one of my clients, H, from thinking she’ll be single forever to getting engaged in less than a year.


It’s taken another client, C, from thinking she’s broken and unlovable, to having a bi-coastal romance with a successful, smart guy who pursues her and takes care of her.


Is your desire flame snuffed out? Has it been months (or years) since you’ve had romance?


Are you stuck in an emotional hole, or worse, numbed out and cynical about love?


If you’re feeling, you are alive. Feelings are GOOD!  So why not have the fantastic ones, like ecstacy, joy, pleasure, abundance, lightness, and excitement?


Today is your blank page on 2019…so take all the doubts and fears and send ‘em back to 2018.


Fear cannot carry us. But FAITH can.


Now I can help you with the faith — I know a lot of you have gotten the faith sucked out of you with how awful modern dating can be.


But you have to bring the DESIRE and the emotion.


  • What will you create and attract in your love life this year?
  • What’s your idea of romance in 2019?
  • What will you experience in love?
  • And what will you accomplish in your life once you have a supportive, stable partner by your side?
  • Who is helping you make those dreams a reality on a daily basis?


Dream Big, Dear Queen. The speed from desire to manifestation is so much faster now than it was before.


But you have to know how to do it. Knowing your desires is the first step, and I can help you with the rest. Just set up a free call with us to get the map you need for exquisite romance and love.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you are ready for romance, and the lasting love which builds and builds, but you’re not sure how to get there, don’t worry about it — we’ve got you. I’ve seen it all and you don’t have to stay stuck, alone, or confused. Let us walk you through the right next steps for your love life on a free call with our team:

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