I was almost 38 when I first started trying to get pregnant…


It took me ten years to find my partner (which is why I’m so devoted to helping women find their guy in weeks and months, not decades)…


And now I was worried it would take me another four or five years to get pregnant…or worse, maybe I would never get pregnant at all.


I knew I needed more support than just reading books and taking prenatal vitamins.


So I reached out to my friend Marco Lam, an acupuncturist in Boulder Colorado who is well known for helping women over 35 get pregnant.


He developed an herbal formula for fertility called Freya. It was easy to drink — I just mixed it into warm water every morning and night — and it was pretty tasty unlike a lot of Chinese herbs.


Within 3 months I got pregnant! And I was SHOCKED! The average time it takes to conceive when you’re over 35 is nine months…so it happened for me twice as fast.


Unfortunately, that pregnancy didn’t stick (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it’s even higher when you’re older)…


But miraculously, because of Freya, I was pregnant again just two months after the miscarriage. 


This means I got pregnant TWICE after we started trying — two pregnancies in just 6 months. 


And now I’m almost six months along in this healthy, beautiful pregnancy with a lovely little girl. 

I knew I wanted to help more women get pregnant faster, easier, and more naturally, which is why I co-founded Freya with Marco and my husband Jason, and now we’re helping women all over the United States improve their fertility and their cycles. 


We have 2 other Freya Babies on the way with women who’ve used Freya and loved it!


Our baby Ruby arrives in November and I am so excited I cannot wait! It’s something I’ve wanted since I was in my early twenties. Ruby, we love you so much!


Whether you’re single and looking for your mate, dating someone new, or in a serious partnership if you know you want to have kids…


And if you know you want to protect your fertility so it’s fast and easy when the time is right,


Then check out Freya and get 10% off for being in my network.


To all the babies to be and mamas who are ready to conceive (or just ready to not have anxiety about their fertility),


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. If you want kids in the future, it’s time to protect your fertility now so you can trust your body and make it happen faster, naturally. Just follow this link to save 10% https://freyahealth.com/tenoff

P.P.S. We now have two women who’ve had babies because of Queens of Pleasure, my signature program on dating and love! If you are reading this thinking “but Violet, I don’t even have anyone in my life I’m interested in!” then set up a free discovery call with us here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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