Do you want more attention from the RIGHT men, but not sure how to get it?


Do you think you have to be an amazonian woman to find love? That it takes being bold, expressive, and seductive?


Think again.


This is for my *shy* ladies out there looking for love! If you’re introverted, quiet, or reserved, check this out.


It’s a big problem to feel uncomfortable flirting and never have men approach you “in the wild” when you’re out and about…


Because if no one is talking to you or approaching you, you can start to feel like love is impossible…you can start to give up hope or worse, blame yourself.


But it’s a MYTH that you have to be the life of the party — or even go to parties! — to find love.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women, many of whom were super shy and introverted. But guess what? That didn’t stop them from attracting and keeping an amazing partner who adores them.


If you struggle to attract men, it’s not because you’re shy. It’s because you’re not open…your heart is healing, or your mindset is negative, or your body language is saying “get away.”


You absolutely can attract an incredible partner when you have open energy and understand the POWER of being shy…which can be magnetic, mysterious, sweet, endearing, and totally appealing to a great guy.


One of my clients Kay is naturally reserved and shy. When we started working together she was really nervous to date. But she ended up going on about 5 or 6 dates with great guys and now her boyfriend and her are going strong.


She didn’t have to change her personality, she just had to learn how to harness her natural feminine essence and stay open to the process of dating and the possibilities of love, all things I guided her on in my signature program Queens of Pleasure.


Are you ready to have the right attention from the right partner for you, and to feel confident just as you are, shyness and all?


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. if you want to meet more men in real life, and to enjoy dating, even if you are naturally shy or reserved, I’d love to see if we can help. We offer free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love calls where you’ll get expert insight on what’s happening in your love life and what you really want, and how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. If that sounds good, I invite you to select your spot here:

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