There’s a reason she’s called Mama Earth…

Or Mother Nature…

Because she is full of LIFE and full of CHANGE.

Anything that changes is the feminine energy in our lives…from thunderstorms chasing the sky to our hair color to our wild emotional heart.

Anything that’s life, death, and rebirth is this cycle of CHANGE…

When I think about this 6th aspect or way of a deeply feminine woman I think about the suffragettes.

I think about Harriet Tubman.

I think about Hillary Clinton.

I think about women who’ve made a change.

Anyone who’s gone through the world and had to make some waves and harness her own feminine power, has been one with the cycle of change, often time bringing the change our world so desperately needed.

Instead of resisting change and seeking consistency, can you be one with the change and to be an agent of the change?

Instead of feeling like you need to control all the changes in your body, and your life and in society, can you create more change?

This requires deep surrender and trust.

What keeps you from making changes?

Xoxo, Violet

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