How is your heart? How have you been feeling lately?

Are you dating? Are you in a great relationship?

Or are you feeling helpless, like you’re not sure what to do to find love?

Are you feeling hopeless, like what’s the point of being on the apps or dating right now?

Feeling helpless and hopeless are normal, given the pandemic, racial injustice, global disasters and more.

However, staying stuck in those feelings, or using current events as a reason to not get what you want in love, is not serving you (or others).

This isn’t a time to be the damsel-in-distress, or to give up on your dreams. You don’t need to sacrifice your desires just because there is suffering. In fact the suffering in the world makes the need for love, in our lives and in our society, that much greater.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to connect with emotionally right now? Someone who “gets you” and your values, and has your back? Someone looking for, and ready for, commitment? Someone you can safely get to know until the time is right to be physical?

This is more than possible. It’s actually happening.

Can it happen for you too? Can you find the love of your life during these crazy times?

It depends. It depends on two things:

First — are you willing to be in community and stop doing it alone?

A community of like-minded women will move you out of your hopelessness, because you’ll see that they are winning in love, and they’re no different than you.

Like my client Julia who got engaged this past weekend when her man met her family and they loved him. He’s successful, kind, genuine, sexy, and committed. And they started dating only six months ago.

Or my client Dania who also got engaged this past month, to someone she’s been dating for eight months. The pandemic brought them closer and accelerated their relationship.

Or my clients Cassie and Katie, who met their boyfriends on the apps during quarantine, and who built an emotional foundation before deciding to date exclusively. Their guys said they had woken up to wanting marriage and didn’t want to have to go through life alone.

Finding love in a pandemic is happening, and can happen for you too, if you’re willing to do the second thing — are you willing to take action?

We can’t get out of our helplessness without support (the community I mentioned above) or without skill. We can’t just “hope” our love life will change without taking action.

Uncertainty = opportunity, if you have the right support and skills.

What skills do you need to build in dating? Is it having the right mindset so you stay confident? Is it changing your patterns of attraction so you stop attracting casual, physical-only, or narcissistic types? Is it learning to use the apps and text in a way that brings the right person closer and leads to video and real-life dates?

Hoping or wanting aren’t enough. There are great people out there ready for love and actively looking — men who have done their work to be committed and emotionally available. But you won’t find them by staying where you’re at.

So, join me! And my community of incredible Queens who are learning, growing, and getting what they want in love.

All you have to do is take action from helpless and hopeless to empowered and engaged. You do that by getting clarity, insight, and support, like what I offer in my Love Strategy Calls.

Book yours now while they are still complimentary — I’m going to be charging for these starting September 1st and I only have a few slots each week until then.

Go to and set up your session

Talk soon,

xoxo, Violet

P.S. finding your partner during a pandemic is possible when you are willing to be in community and willing to take action. Without those two things, we stay helpless and hopeless instead of empowered and engaged. The very first action to take is simple: set up a Love Strategy Session with us here:

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