I have pretty much all of the privileges and I definitely do not have all of the answers.  But I do know, from my own journey and from the thousands of women I’ve worked with over the last seven years, that healing starts within.


Healing the inner masculine who violently criticizes us and suppresses our heartfelt desires. The part of us who tells us we’re never enough…that we must keep pushing.


Healing the inner feminine who uses our pain as a weapon to manipulate others and keep us stuck in victim mode. The part of us who tells us we’ve unlovable, or too much. That we must keep sacrificing who we are and keep playing small.


Without a healthy inner masculine, we can’t be in integrity (which is the basis for all lasting partnership) or in peace.


Without a healthy inner feminine, we can’t experience pleasure (which makes life worth living) or truly thrive.


But with a healthy inner masculine and healthy inner feminine, we embody love, regardless of our relationship status. We live from our heart as a manifestation of heaven on earth.


When we are living as a fully-human divine-union, we heal from our past, set a new course for our future, and create joy in the present, even when times are tough.


If you’d like more balance and harmony…


more heart-centered love and truth…


and more focus and flow,


I’d love to support you in Embodying Divine Union.


We start in just 48 hours so sign up now at www.violetlange.com/edu


Xoxo Violet


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