Have you ever wondered what’s REALLY stopping you from attracting an absolutely incredible love?

Have you ever thought “omg I must be really messed up! I must be blocked! There’s something wrong with me!”

I’m here to tell you that’s crap. You are divine perfection. You are not wrong. You are holy.

There is a light in you with which to attract your partner, and through that partnership, completely and totally change the planet and your life.

But single ladies, let’s be honest.

Are you mostly or mostly *not* living in that light?

My experience talking to thousands of women is this:

Your light, it has been dimmed.

It has been smothered by the to-do list.

It has been crushed by 2019.

Or it has been turned completely off — by trauma, tragedy, or heartbreak.

Make no mistake ladies — your powerful, feminine light is there…no matter how tough it has been.

And this light has a PURPOSE:

You are here to love and be loved.

To give the gifts of your heart.

To melt in total pleasure and delight.

You were not meant to go through the motions or become one of the boys.

Are you revealing the light of your heart?

Are you listening to what she says she needs?

It is time to wake up to your greatness, to your light.

When you do not, the consequences are severe:

A string of first dates which go nowhere…

Three month relationships imploding and leaving you confused…

Settling for someone who doesn’t match you physically, intellectually, emotionally…and then being cheated on.

Hiding out on online dating when you know you’d rather meet your person organically.

Anything is possible when it comes to love.

Every day I help women call in their King, normally in just a few months.

And you know what often surprises them?

Attracting a lifetime man is NOT about perfecting your body or getting better clothes or hitting the clubs.

It’s about YOU.

And the simple shift to see and CHOOSE your own feminine greatness.

To step into the power of being a woman, instead of playing small.

One formerly-single woman, who I’ve been working with for just 3 months, now has a healthy, exclusive relationship where she feels safe and wanted.

She knows how to get what she needs and express her truth.

He listens, he is affectionate, and they have a lot of fun.

She says it’s the best relationship of her life…

All because she made a powerful choice.

What will you choose?

Going through the motions, or a brand-new level of love?

Xoxo, VioletPS if you’re sick of not being chosen, or choosing projects but neglecting your heart, let’s talk. This is my favorite time of the year to make rapid growth and set yourself up for a totally new experience in 2020. There are spots available for free special breakthrough to love sessions here.

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