This is the time of year when we clean out our closets and make trips to Goodwill.

I took out about 6 garbage bags of old clothes and towels…and I don’t even have that much stuff to begin with!

Do you like spring cleaning, or is it kind of a drag?

I procrastinate on it, but when I do it, it feels SO GOOD!

Getting a fresh start applies to our love life as well

and this is where a lot of people can make a big mistake…

which is to never really get over the past, or to never create a fresh start.

Have you ever been with someone whose ex-girlfriend is still texting them all the time,

or who won’t stop talking about his ex, or who seems pretty emotionally unavailable?

Have you ever been that person yourself?

The reason this is a huge problem is because old hurts and old patterns are taking up our mental and emotional capacity to really receive the love that we want.

Guess what though?

It’s not your fault. As a society we don’t really have rituals to honor and release and heal from breakups. We just hear words like “time will heal everything”.

But what if you don’t have that much time, or don’t want to wait?

Doesn’t there have to be a better way than carrying all our old traumas and ex’s around with us?


I personally highly value my time, and I imagine you do as well.

Why hope that time will heal all wounds, or spend years in therapy, when you don’t have to?

Why stay single when you don’t want to?

Statistics show that loneliness has a bigger impact on our health than obesity — with single people dying on average 10 years younger than people who have partners. (source: US Census data)

My clients consistently say how they have made more progress on their love life in just a few weeks of working with me, than they did in 4 or 5 years of therapy.

When you heal on a physical, emotional, and mental level using the right tools with the right support, you literally get years of your life back.

One of my clients Andrea just told me that she can tell now, before she even starts talking to a guy, whether he’ll be at a high enough level of consciousness and power for her.  

She can flirt with him if she wants, but she sees her old patterns of attraction and has chosen a new outcome with a man who better meets her needs.

Andrea is in her early 30s…and her new ability to have high quality, versus high quantity, interactions with men is saving her from wasting her thirties (and her fertility) in go-nowhere relationships.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, muddy, or confused about dating, men, or relationships, something is cluttering up your vision or your energy.

What would it be like to get a fresh start and have your most romantic summer ever?

To have epic dates and soul connection…to feel the freshness of new love?

Don’t you love that feeling?

The sad truth is that some women will get love and some won’t. 50% of women will stay single.

Not because they don’t care or aren’t trying…

But because they don’t have the tools or inner awareness and skill to get what they want in love — to get a fresh start.

if you want to finally get rid of the old stuff holding you back and step into a fabulous future with love and passion, let’s talk.

Our Breakthrough to Love sessions are free, but they’re only for women who are ready to do the inner and outer work to find love that lasts — women who are ready for a fresh start.

If you’d rather cling to blaming or resenting your ex or feeling like you’re a victim, this is not for you and the long road of therapy might be a better match.

But if this IS you, a woman empowered, then select your time here — I’ve opened up my calendar for a few more spots today and this weekend.

I’m assuming if you’re still reading this message that you haven’t given up on yourself or on love.

Don’t give up. But do create a fresh start.

Xoxo, Violet

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