Today is a powerful day of manifestation…11/11/2018 (which is 11/11/11 in numerology as 2+1+8=11).

This a very potent time to take actions towards your dreams of love.

How happy are you with how 2018 has turned out so far in the romance department? What about your self-love, femininity, and power, have they improved dramatically?

There is still a massive opportunity to rewrite this year…but that window of time to recast 2018 is closing.

I have seen clients go from single and heartbroken, to successfully in a committed relationship in only 4 weeks.

That means having an amazing man to support you through the holidays and into the new year.

Momentum is a powerful part of life.

You can coast through the rest of this year, or you can take action now to set yourself up for success in love.

xoxo, Violet

PS If you are ready to end this year with the best 6 weeks of love you have ever seen, and if you are ready to finish 2018 strong, set up a free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love session now at

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