Girl, let me tell you about a place called Fantasy Land.

No, not the Magic Mike sorta place… 😉

I’m talking about the “someday maybe he’ll be ready” sorta place…

The “someday maybe he’ll change” sorta place…

The “I just know we’re meant to be together, even though he’s married” sorta place.

The biggest indicator of living in fantasy-land is when we listen to their words more than their actions.

Many times we as women feel confused.

We’re like, “he tells me he’s ready for a relationship,” but can’t remember to text me back.

Or “he tells me that he really values integrity,” but then he blows me off for dates or he’s an hour late.

When you’re living in fantasy-land you get that happy feeling in your head…but that nauseous feeling in your stomach…

Because you just want this relationship to work and you want it to turn into something else,

But you’re missing the clues about what’s actually happening with the person in the relationship and with their behavior.

Fantasy-land to me is like an addiction.

I used to be addicted to being in fantasy-land because it was easier to pretend that the relationship might turn into something than to have that conversation about what I wanted, and be willing to walk away if I wasn’t getting what I needed.

What reality are you avoiding?

What is keeping you up at night?

And what is all this costing you?

Living in fantasy land is DEFINITELY not free…it is costing you years of your life, when you could be with a REAL man who cherishes and adores you.

Xoxo, Violet
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