The myth is that time heals all wounds.

The truth is that skill heals all wounds.

Feeling stuck on an ex? Afraid to date again?

Getting over an ex can be tough…

We’d like to bounce back, but when you’ve fallen hard for someone, thought he was the one, or just gotten close again before he pulled back…

it’s hard to get into your next great relationship (and make him super jealous hahaha :-))

It’s too bad, really, because moving forward with CONFIDENCE is necessary to date again.

That’s why you need GRIT — the resilience to get past an ex and find your true love.

Grit is the second of five key skills for moving past anxiety, and into the love of your dreams.

Loads of women stay in fear about the future. But this fear of losing love again makes them closed off.

If you don’t feel resilient in dating though, it’s not your fault.

Most of us never learned how to heal our first heartbreak, and the patterns and pain just keep piling up.

So what’s the payoff to developing some GRIT in your love life?

When women have dating resilience, they’re actually more attractive.

There’s a sort of “don’t F with me” quality of putting yourself out there in a way that’s determined, not “damsel in distress.”

Good men love this, trust me.

Grit also builds the muscle of tenacity in other areas of life.

Women I work with not only find love but also their power…

They get more clients, surprise bonuses, or new jobs (one of my Queens has two new job offers right now).

So where does grit come from.

Grit comes from experience and skill.

We develop grit in our health by working with a personal trainer.

We develop grit in our love life by working with a mentor to heal and date again.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it just keeps us waiting for something to change. Don’t waste another minute when you could be having so much fun!

Xoxo, VioletIf you want to know how to be a resilient dater and get over your ex and into true love, schedule a free Breakthrough to Love session now:

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