Our spiritual lives and our beliefs are the cornerstone of who we are. I believe a good relationship starts with a good relationship with yourself and what you believe in — God, Source, Universe etc.


I’ve worked with women of all different religious backgrounds, and I know from this experience that your beliefs don’t have to get in the way of your love life. You can find a great partner with similar views. One of my clients who is Jewish just got married to a great Jewish man.


However, you do need to date differently with a different awareness, if you want to incorporate your spirituality or your faith.


Most women are looking for a deep, soulful connection. “Marriages of convenience” are pretty much over. If your partner isn’t matching you and growing with you — spiritually and otherwise — you’ll probably get bored.


But there’s a mistake we can make when we bring our spirituality to the table while dating…we can overlook our HUMANITY and miss red flags.


What I mean by humanity is our emotions and our intuition.


I’ve had women tell me they stayed with abusive men because God told them to. Now I’m not here to judge, but I feel protective of women…I believe God would want us all to feel loved and safe.


I’ve also had women say “well, my partner wants an open relationship, and even though I don’t, he says being open is more evolved.” I think what’s evolved is knowing what works for you and not getting pressured to change your beliefs to please your partner.


We can forget the importance of our emotions and our intuition when we date. And that can cause these big problems.


This is called “spiritual bypassing”…rejecting our emotions, physical sensations, intuitions and instincts. We need to INCLUDE those in our relationship with ourselves and others. We need to trust God but also take action on our behalf to create healthy relationships.


Do you want a spiritual or faith-based relationship? And are you embracing your humanity in order to have that, or sweeping things under the rug?


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. if you want to find someone who connects with you spiritually, and if you’re sick of meeting men who claim to be Christian or claim to be spiritual, but then act in unethical ways, I understand. I help women trust their faith and their intuition and emotions, so they can create lasting love instead of getting taken advantage of. If that sounds good to you, I invite you to book a free Breakthrough to Love call with us here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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