Why aren’t men stepping more into their masculine? Why do I have to do all the work?

These are common complaints I hear from successful women…

I get it. You want a man who plans for you, who “claims” you, who has direction for his life and knows what he wants.

Where are all those men?

It’s a secret worth learning that you can inspire a man to be more in his masculine, simply by being more in your feminine…this creates polarity and attraction.

If you’re in your masculine more than your feminine it’s going to subtly push away a masculine man…and if that man does stick around he’ll be more likely to retreat into his feminine.

He doesn’t necessarily want to be in his feminine.

He doesn’t want to be just kind of flowing and not have direction.

He doesn’t want to be feeling more emotional and feeling the cycles and the changes of life, and feeling that ever constant state of flow

But if you’re doing it all, there’s no room for him to step up.

In every other area of your life — go for it. Be strong and driven and goal oriented.

But if you want a man who’s providing for you and taking care of you and really in his masculine then you have to learn the tools to really be in your feminine.

Especially when things in a relationship get a little bit tough.

And what I mean by tough is, even when you feel like you want to predict and you want to control and you want to get that reassurance…

That’s the exact specific time when you need to have built the muscle to be more in your feminine, no matter what’s happening in your relationship.

A confident, purposeful man needs you to trust him, to trust yourself and to be able to navigate back into your feminine.

Do you know how to move back into your feminine, even when the relationship isn’t clear?

Xoxo, Violet

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