By far the question I get most often lately is from people who are terrified that they may not have relationship potential — for the sort of person they want to be with. Sure, they could get married tomorrow if they were okay with settling. But those days are over.


Are you worried that you don’t have what your dream partner is looking for and inspires him to create a committed, exclusive, fulfilling partnership?


Deep down, have you ever wondered if you are just “meant to be alone?”


You know that being in a great relationship would be a game-changer for your whole life, don’t you?


I mean, IMAGINE…


Even if you had a MASSIVE relationship goal, like getting engaged in 2019…all it takes is meeting one great guy, right? I mean it only takes one!


And so you see the potential.


You see other people doing it — walking down the aisle, starting a family, going on vacations together.


Maybe sometimes you wonder to yourself, “What if…?”


I get why you’re unsure.


Maybe you haven’t been a relationship in a long time, like years or even decades.


Maybe you don’t have a good understanding — or embodiment — of feminine energy.


Maybe you aren’t connected to your heart ever since your last breakup.


But you know what? ALL of the clients I’ve helped find a great guy and create a great relationship had doubts too.


Many of them didn’t start off in a great place, either.


And believe me…ALL of them had fears or resistance. (Fear and resistance they’ve now left in the dust, but that’s another story for another email…)


If you’re worried that maybe you don’t have what it takes to be in a great relationship, then I would LOVE to reassure you that YES, you can.


But unfortunately, I can’t do that.


I have to be honest with you. And the honest truth is I have NO IDEA whether you can be in a great relationship or not.


How can I possibly know if you and I have never talked? I don’t know how you show up — if you’re in integrity, open, committed, kind, passionate, humble — I don’t know your inner qualities and traits.


While I don’t know anything about you, or the relationship you want, or what you bring to the table, I do know this…


If we spoke on the phone for just a few minutes, then we would know for sure if you have something real — a heart ready to commit and worthy of commitment, someone who is self-aware and willing to learn.


We help women every day to move forward with confidence, knowing that no matter what their friends are doing, they have what it takes to create something amazing for themselves in love.


I want to offer you the chance to do exactly that — get some feedback on how you’re showing up for love and the small shifts that might be missing.


If that’s interesting to you, you can use this link to book a call with my team.


We’ll get on the phone for about 45 minutes. You can tell us exactly what you want in love, and what’s been going on, and what’s missing.


Even if you only have an IDEA for what you want in a man, we want to hear it. Tell us everything.


And on that call, we’ll give you a dead-honest opinion of whether we think you have what it takes to create a great relationship, and if so how to do it.


And you have my word that we will NOT just tell you what you want to hear! We’ll tell you the honest truth.


Right now, you’re just ONE date away from creating the love and life of your dreams.


If you could feel fabulous for every date you had…and if you could attract those high quality men like clockwork…everything would change, wouldn’t it?


The first step to finding out if you can do this is to book a call with my team here.


We’re the best in the world at helping successful, spiritual women change their love life and get into a great, committed partnership. If that’s you and that’s what you want, then you owe it to yourself to book a call now.


Your husband is waiting <3


Talk soon,


Violet Lange


P..S. If you know you want a great relationship but you’re having a hard time getting over your ex and moving on, we are hosting a 3 hour interactive workshop for women who want a fresh start in love. If that’s you, sign up here — Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex



“Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex and Find Fresh Love!”

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm PST to 8pm PST

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