You might know me as someone who has been helping thousands of women find love. But what you might not know, is that when I myself was looking for love, I had a massive problem. A big blind spot. It was keeping me from feeling confident about dating, which made finding love pretty much impossible. 


On the outside I looked successful, because I had graduated from Harvard Business School and was a well-paid executive coach. But deep down, I wasn’t actually in touch with my intuition. I didn’t know how to trust myself. 


This led to me dating all the wrong people, staying for too long, and shaming myself for my divorce. It led to me getting swept up in the drama of dating, only to get ghosted or cheated on, and not be any closer to love.


Truthfully, I was afraid to trust myself, and I had no idea where to start. I had spent my life pleasing others and didn’t know who I actually was, in life and in love. I was afraid if I was vulnerable, that guys would judge me. I was nervous that if I started to follow my intuition, I would end up all alone. I believed in other people way more than I believed in myself, so I endlessly sought the opinions of my girlfriends or my therapist, but none of them were really able to guide me where I wanted to go — which was to find the love of my life and get married.


One day I hit a breaking point. I was supposed to go to New York City to see my boyfriend at the time, and when I arrived at the gate and they called my zone, I simply could not go. I felt something for the first time — my gut sense — and more importantly, I actually followed it. I was terrified, but this was a changing point that has affected my entire life. Turns out that guy had been trying to sleep with one of my friends. But had I gotten on that plane, I don’t know if I would’ve been strong enough to end that relationship. I would have swept things under the rug. I would have put his needs above mine. I would have stayed stuck in my habit of trusting everyone but myself. And the big tragedy of that would have been never meeting my husband Jason or having a family I love. But so many people don’t have the skills, tools, or insight to follow their intuition. They stay trapped in fear and miss out on so much love.


I don’t want you to have to get to that breaking point, where it’s as severe as your boyfriend cheating on you with a friend. I don’t want you to have to pack up your little suitcase and go all the way to the airport only to return home. I want you to be able to trust yourself in every stage of dating and relationship — from when you first meet someone, to each text you send, to having those difficult but rewarding conversations about exclusivity, intimacy, getting married, and more.


I realized you don’t have to be super spiritual, you don’t have to be superwoman, and you don’t have to push people away. In fact, the more you trust yourself, the more people will be drawn to you, for the right reasons.


I realized that if I could work on trusting myself, which I had been practicing and working on before that pivotal moment at the airport, I could build this muscle of honoring my intuition, and get more love in return. 


I started really working on the skills needed to trust myself, and everything changed. Dating and texting and swiping and all of that was no longer a black box of confusion and heartbreak. It actually became fulfilling, insightful, and fun. In fact just two weeks after the airport disaster, I met a great guy out and about whom I dated for 4 months, and not too long after that I met my husband. 


And that’s what I want you to know is possible.


  • Do you have a hard time attracting and keeping a healthy partner?
  • Do you second guess how to flirt or what to say over text?
  • Have you stayed too long with someone who doesn’t treat you well?
  • Do you find yourself people pleasing others or giving away your power?
  • Do you get nervous when you think about setting a boundary or speaking your truth?
  • Is this one of the reasons you haven’t taken steps in the direction of healthy partnership which actually lasts with a high-quality partner? This love that you know you want, you know would set your soul on fire and light up your life, but for whatever reason you have self-doubt?


Well if the answer to some of those questions is yes, I want you to know this.


Trusting Yourself is a skill, and that means anyone can master it.


In the Trust Yourself course, what I teach you are the exact fundamentals that I used to completely change my love life and create a healthy lasting partnership with tons of love and passion, and zero drama. And I’ve helped thousands of women do the same.


It’s not something you’re born with. Granted, some people seem to be more self-assured than others, but every single one of us has the ability to deeply trust and honor ourselves in life and in love. 


You might trust yourself in your career, but lack self-trust in dating. You might trust yourself with your health, but lack intuition or speaking your truth in your relationship with your family.


I’m here to tell you that you can build the intuition, the courage, the trust in yourself that you need to do those things and really feel like you’re living as a woman of love with healthy relationships in every part of her life.


I mean the last thing in the world that any one of us wants to feel is that we weren’t able to live and love from our heart, or that we were living other people’s dreams by pleasing them instead of having the confidence to trust ourselves and reach our true potential.


I want you to do that with comfort. I want you to feel calm about it. I want you to feel good about it. I want you to inspire the people around you with the way you live your life and the relationship you have, leading by being an example of healthy love.


So I invite you to join me in Trust Yourself. This is a special opportunity to connect to yourself in deeper and higher levels than ever before. You’ll learn how it is that people who trust themselves attract more trustworthy people, the right people to have around them. You’ll learn how to follow your intuition and speak your truth, which people will respect and admire you for. You’ll learn how to step out of your fears and self-doubt and feel really good about yourself and take the next step and the next step connected to your mind, your body, and your heart.


See that’s how Trust Yourself works — in steps, just like any other skill you learn. It gets better and better and easier and easier as you go along. We start off slow and build these muscles, and each and every lesson you’re going to feel more and more like the woman you were meant to be — a woman of love who gets exactly what she wants and needs in her relationships. 


So, today I want to invite you to take action and click the link here to join Trust Yourself with me and a bunch of other people who want to help you become the confident, open-hearted person you’ve always wanted to be. 


This is a $500 program. But for a limited time we’re offering it at less than $300! That’s just incredible. And we’ll never offer it at this rate again. 


So I want you to take advantage of this and start trusting yourself today. So click the link here and let’s get started!


Xoxo, Violet

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