Do you find yourself asking,

“Where are all the good men?”

Or, “I can’t find a good man!”

Or, “I just need to find the right guy. I’m ready.”

Then you’re not alone. Many women show up thinking they just need a man.

But it’s a bit of a trick, because if we think:

“I’m all good, I’m set, I’m just waiting for him…”

Then we’re missing a huge opportunity.

Most of the time when I hear from a woman say:

“I’m totally ready, I’m just waiting for the right guy to show up,”

there is something that she’s not addressing…

She might not feel completely connected to her sexuality,

Or she might have a hard time being vulnerable with a guy,

Or she might suddenly be emasculating a man but not realize it!

So if you’ve ever found yourself in a trap of thinking,

“Oh, I just need the guy, that’s all I need.”

There is a twinge of complacency in that, which I’m not trying to shame you for, but I just want to ask these questions, so that you can have a full, beautiful, and amazing romance.

Because the truth is that once you’re in a relationship, you’re always going to still be growing.

It’s not like at anytime in life we’re “all good.”

I mean, imagine if in our career we were like:

“Oh, I’m all good, I’m just waiting for the next promotion.”

That rarely happens, you know!

We have to actively be growing, learning, and changing, for everything in our life to flourish.

It doesn’t mean you can’t ever feel good, it just means we need to stay hungry and connected to our truth…

So if you’ve ever found yourself in a place of saying

“Oh, I’m good, I’m just waiting for the right guy.”

I really highly encourage you to think:

“What skills could I develop for my next relationship?”

“How could I free my feminine energy?”

“How could I become more vulnerable?”

“How could I learn to ask for what I want and to set a healthy boundary?”

I truly believe that if we put one tenth of the time into learning about relationships that we put into our work,

we would have a totally different planet.

Imagine if every child grew up in a space of committed love and with an example of the dynamic union of masculine and feminine? We are creating that world now.

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re ready to shift your energy and your mind, to learn how to be good at love, then I’d love to talk. Yes, love is a skill you can learn just like anything else! But you have to be willing to learn and grow…to take a risk to change. If that’s you, we offer complimentary 45 minute Breakthrough to Love calls where you’ll see what’s been holding you back, and get clear on what you want to create. Just pick out your spot here:

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