Do you feel lovable no matter what?


Or do you feel like you’re worthy of affection only when you look or act a certain way?


Do you feel like your dates and current or former partners REALLY loved you unconditionally?


Or do you feel like they were looking for a reason to get out, or picked on you for small things?


A woman recently told me her boyfriend of FIVE years was threatening to leave her because he “didn’t like the way I do my hair”


I felt OUTRAGED hearing that.


No woman should feel like she has to look a certain way or walk on eggshells to be loved.


It’s not about #relationshipgoals, it’s about setting a new standard of how you want to be cherished and cared for.


I speak about this from my own life experience, because wow did I spend time with some men who I felt so anxious around…


to the point I would get up early in the morning to put coverup on my blemishes, or cancel dates if I had a cold sore, or not tell them about a bad day at work for fear of being criticized.


This started at a very young age — I felt anxious and the need to walk on eggshells, the feeling that me being lovable was very conditional — because of my father.


Maybe some of you can relate. Even if you had perfect parents, most women are under the curse of perfectionism and have been struggling for DECADES to feel lovable unconditionally.


Now, when I say unconditionally I don’t mean you can be out of integrity and plain rude and expect someone to put up with it.


What I do mean is, have you told yourself you’re unlovable for things that are actually just part of being a human?


I was sick this past week — not only did I get the flu, but I also got a stye on my eye and a hemorrhoid you-know-where (just keepin’ it real ladies). I knew I was just purging but wow, I felt so disgusting.


Now my man, my king, my god of a husband Jason loved me SO MUCH during this time!


He went to the store 3x in one day for me.


He rubbed my back. He reminded me to eat and drink lots of fluids. He asked me how I felt. He reassured me that he loved me so much.


It was a VERY vulnerable week for me, because I realized I wasn’t being cute, playful, sexy, productive, or funny — all the things I thought he loved me for. I wasn’t “adding any value,” and I wasn’t “doing” anything for him.


The gift of all of this was reclaiming how darn cute and lovable and precious I am! To my husband but also to myself, stye and all…


Imagine feeling unconditionally loved by your partner… Imagine looking forward to all the bumps in the road as you get older together…Imagine being EMBRACED AND ACCEPTED!


Jason and I have built a love like this because it’s based on vulnerability…has been since our second date, when we really shared so much.


I took a risk then to tell him things I would have never thought to say, had I not done all my personal work,


the same “work” that I teach my clients every day and which gets them into lasting, unconditionally loving relationships.


But look you don’t want to try this on your own. Being vulnerable is an art — done in the wrong way, you risk sounding like a whiny victim, and that will push all the right partners away.


So if you want to feel loved unconditionally…


If you want to BE LOVED unconditionally by an amazing man…


If you want to attract that kind of man into your life and feel fabulous in the process…


Then I invite you to book a call with my team.


During your free call you’ll get clarity on what’s keeping you from attracting unconditional love, and you’ll build a vision of love that really LASTS and makes you wake up doing the happy dance.


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Are you ready to be loved unconditionally? Or do you want to keep painting yourself in a corner?


Xoxo, Violet

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