“How can I get a man to romance me?”


“Is chivalry dead?”


“Where are all the good men?”


Have you ever heard yourself ask these questions, even in your own mind? Or maybe you hear these questions from your friends?


Guess what?


You absolutely can inspire a man to be romantic.


My clients learn specific ways to bring a man closer in my course Queens of Pleasure…and their guys are eating out of the palm of their hand, bringing them flowers, and planning incredible dates.


You can read below, but be careful — don’t try this alone. Playing with masculine and feminine energy requires you to embody the energy, not just know it in your head. It requires practice and skill (if you need help with these, set up some time to talk with us for a free call).


To up the romance, do this:


1–Be a sensual creature in the present moment!


Romance is all about the delectable sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch. Connect to the “channels” for romance — the five senses. Without this, any romantic gestures will be lost in your analytical mind.


2–Write a new epic love story.


In true romance, there’s something at stake…a quest the man is going on, the possibility of losing life (ego, pride), his willingness to take a risk and be vulnerable professing his feelings. Are you a woman who holds herself as worthy of such great risk, and such great love? Bring your inner Queen alive, or damsel in distress, or another archetype that calls forth the best in a man. Claim your destiny and let him claim you.


3–Add a little mystery.


Mystery is something that is “difficult or impossible to understand or explain”…it’s the part of a woman that a man cannot understand but deeply craves. This is about holding yourself and your boundaries sacred…and being able to have a little playful tease. This is about a slow reveal.


If you want more romance, become a woman who inspires it.


Xoxo, Violet


PS is your heart craving romance? When’s the last time you felt truly in love? If you aren’t sure how to do these three things above to inspire a man, or if you think you know them but it’s not working or it’s all in your head, let’s talk. Set up a free Breakthrough to Love call now at www.violetlange.com/talk

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