Have you been taking your dating life too seriously?

Does it feel like a job?

Are you ready for more FUN and playfulness? Or just need someone to listen objectively while you work through your frustration?

The problem with dating is that most women don’t feel safe challenging their partner…

So they end up venting with their girlfriends, who sometimes are bitter and give bad advice.

They end up bottling up their frustration and don’t know how to share with their new partner

This turns into passive-aggressive energy, and the relationship goes south.

When a woman doesn’t feel okay challenging a man, or being anything other than “sweet and nice” with a date or partner, it hurts the relationship.

Many early relationships end because of this.

It’s not your fault — we live in a society where it hasn’t been safe for a woman to playfully challenge a man or be vulnerable about how she’s feeling.

But the HEALTHY masculine wants:

#3 Thing A Healthy Man Wants: For You to Challenge Him

…he wants you to playfully call him out, and wants to know how you feel.

The unhealthy masculine calls feminine emotions “crazy” or lashes out when challenged.

The healthy masculine appreciates when a woman lets him know how she feels and is honest.

The healthy masculine isn’t trying to control you, he’s trying to LOVE you <3

Have you ever noticed that women who are labeled as “crazy” still have relationships?

There are plenty of women who are emotional and who get great guys. I’m one of them, and so are many of my clients!

Many of my clients are passionate, emotional, and intense feminine creatures.

In fact one of my clients who just became exclusive with her guy, is very firey and fiesty!

And he LOVES her for it. He feels her passion, and her care — she cares enough about him and herself to not just “pretend” things are okay…

They are mastering the art of healthy communication WITH the range of emotion, not suffocating it.

She’s gracefully leading him and showing him how to treat her, and as a result, he wants her more and more.

Once my clients learn how to accept the challenging part of them, express it in a healthy way, and embody the power of emotion, their dating life changes.

Emotion is like fire — incredibly useful, and incredibly dangerous if used in the wrong way. Which is why it’s important to get support in learning how to bring the best out of yourself and your partner.

So what keeps most women from being more in touch with their inner challenger?

Fear of abandonment.

This fear looks like “if I speak my truth, he’ll leave” or “If I’m not nice to him all the time, he’ll find someone else” or “good relationships look like harmony, it’s not okay to fight”

The problem with these fears is that they keep us living in constriction, walking on eggshells, and putting up with bad behavior.

When we can’t challenge the masculine or express our anger or sadness, we’re cutting off a source of our power and he ends up not respecting us.

This is NOT to blame you — this is a cultural thing.

It is however to invite you to become more comfortable with your dark emotions and with playful challenge.

A good man is craving that. A great man demands that.

Xoxo, Violet

PS If you’re curious how to challenge the masculine in healthy ways and express even your “dark” emotions, so you can create an authentic passionate love, schedule a free Breakthrough to Love sesion here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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