Today is only two days away from my version of the superbowl — Valentine’s Day!


You can say what you want about it being a Hallmark holiday, and I don’t give a hoot. I Love Valentine’s Day!


Pretty much every day is “productivity day.”


We are obsessed in the U.S. with being productive and efficient. But Time is not our most precious resource. LOVE is!


Who cares how much time you have to live, or how much time you have to wait for your Starbucks, if you don’t have someone to help you FILL the time up with love?


It can feel so lonely just swipping away your life.


Love is the most precious resource. It’s not so easy to find, even though people say it’s all around, or tell you to just “look within.”


I get texts all the time from my clients with pictures of the flowers their guy bought them, or trips they went on together, or things he did for them around the house.


It makes me so happy to see women lavished with romance!


If you’re feeling skeptical, let me reassure you that good guys WANT to romance you and stay to take care of your heart.


My client Susanna told me on her first phone call that no one would ever hold a candle to her old flame (who moved away)…and all the guys since just wanted one thing.


But within two months of working with me, she met someone who was head over heels for her, and now takes her on amazing vacations to the Carribean.


My favorite memory of Valentine’s Day was two years ago when Jason and I moved into our place. Boxes were everywhere, our furniture wasn’t even here, and we were exhausted…but it didn’t matter.


His mom had sent us a Lou Minatti’s pizza in the shape of a heart (shipped all the way from Chicago!), and Jason had bought me macarons, chocolate ice cream, strawberries, flowers, the works!


We had the most delicious evening together, it still makes my heart warm.


This is a precious memory. Love is a precious resource. Stop being so obsessed with time. Time stands still when we’re in love.


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. This is my favorite time of year for love, but maybe for you it just feels lonely. I’d like to support you in having the best Valentine’s Day of your life by choosing to say YES to love, and by meeting your guy in the next few months so you’re celebrating an anniversary next year! Just set up a free Breakthrough to Love call with our team here:

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