Is your mind more powerful? Or your heart?


You had a heart before you had a brain, and the heart has more electromagnetic power than the brain.


An organization called HeartMath has even found that 90% of the messages between the heart and the brain go from the heart TO the brain, not the other way around.


So it’s your heart — not your head — that truly runs the show.


Which means it’s not what you think about love that dictates your romantic destiny… it’s what you BELIEVE.


Your heart is the center of your feelings…what you feel and believe to be true in your core.


So if you’re not in a super satisfying sizzling relationship of joy and love right now, your inner beliefs are to blame, and these can be TRICKY!


Why is it so hard to find out our beliefs?


Because our brain is constantly dumping it’s thoughts on top of them.


We might tell ourselves all kinds of affirmations etc, but if our HEART isn’t getting the message, we’re going to get the same lonely results.


Here are some very common beliefs at the root of so many women’s suffering and heartbreak:


“I’m not lovable”


“All the good guys are gone”


“There’s something wrong with me”


“Love is painful”


“Relationships are hard”


“I’m too __________ to be in a relationship”


“The dating apps suck”


Any of those strike a cord or resonate with you?

Unearthing your limiting beliefs from a HEART-LEVEL, not just a mind-level, is absolutely critical.


In fact, it’s just one of the many things that sets my program apart from other coaches out there, who only work with affirmations or strategy (head-based), but don’t actually teach you about love.


My heart-set coach Tammera Logan is like a beliefs ninja — she worked for Tony Robbins for 10 years and left that to help women find their heart and live from their heart.


She’s one of my “secret weapons” in a multi-step process and constellation of support that’s helped hundreds and thousands of women find love.


Watch this FB live where we discuss limiting beliefs and get to the HEART of what holds women back in love.


Xoxo, Violet


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