So many women I meet are afraid to do self-work because they think they’ll have to be alone.

They’re afraid that saying YES to themselves somehow means they can’t also be in an amazing partnership.

Or they’re afraid that becoming better at relationships means they’re broken.

None of those things are true!

Choosing yourself means choosing your partner. They go hand-in-hand. Rejecting yourself means rejecting your current or future partner. Or it keeps you attracting a partner who rejects you or can’t commit to you.

The only way a relationship survives is if you keep choosing yourself, saying yes to yourself, and to your own growth, love, and evolution, WHILE staying connected to your partner.

Getting help with self-love, flirting, relationships, dating, communication does not mean you’re broken. It means you have a deep DESIRE to become the most authentic, loving, attractive version of yourself.

Choosing to stay stuck is not hot. It’s boring.

Choosing to thrive IS sexy.

Men look for a woman who is confident and vulnerable…

Who has a vision for the future and knows what she wants…

Who can take care of herself and yet loves being taken care of…

Who can express herself fully and love others so deeply they feel safe enough to do the same?

Most of us aren’t born knowing how to be that woman.

Most of the time society and cultural conditioning take away our dreams or keep us in fantasy land with an unattainable ideal and no real way back to our authentic truth.

If you want an incredible partnership, become an incredible partner.

Learn how to communicate, how to stay connected to your luscious feminine body, how to integrate your mind, body, and heart.

Stop dating from your head and stop following outdated rules.

You are so much more magnetic when you date from your feminine power vs what you read out of a book.

There is an art to this sort of love — for self and others.

It’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever learned, I promise (and I have a sweet tooth :)) and it’s what makes you an unstoppable force for love, a force for good.

If you’re ready to stop fear in its tracks and feel amazing about dating and love…

If you want a taste of the sort of self-love and power that moves mountains (and men’s hearts)…

If you crave a conscious, faithful, life-time love and are willing to put the work in to get there…

We should talk.

I’d love to uncover what’s holding you back, what limiting beliefs are keeping you from real romance, and what next-level partnership you’re looking to create.

Because you can have your cake and eat it too: you can choose yourself AND be chosen.

Xoxo, Violet

Reach out to us here at to set up your free breakthrough session where we’ll uncover what’s holding you back in love, what limiting beliefs are keeping you from real romance, and what next-level partnership you’re looking to create. We talk to about 30 women weekly, so while there aren’t any spots left this week or weekend, we’re opening up next week’s appointments today so grab a spot which works for you.

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