Do you want to feel happy again about love, with a perfect man for you, but are feeling heartbroken and stuck?


Maybe you didn’t even realize how much you needed love, and for how long you’d been putting it on the bottom of your to-do list, until the recent holiday.


We get so focused on the outer world of material goods — getting and exchanging — that we forget the true miracle is LOVE.


This is a huge problem because while modern dating is designed to be transactional (the aps are made to be a game), our hearts are not.


Our hearts are relational. Our hearts can expand in an instant. And yes, you can exchange your heartache for a totally different experience of luscious, sexy, committed romance in 2019.


Why does it matter?


If you don’t do the inner work to exchange and upgrade your heart, you will pick the wrong partner for your next love…and you can’t so easily just “return” a bad boyfriend.


Making the wrong choices in love leaves a lasting impact on our hearts and our ability to choose a better partner in the future. Sometimes it goes from bad to worse until we get help to heal.


What if it were so much easier? What if you could get out of the “game” of dating, live in your heart, and attract the perfect man for you?


So many of my clients tell me “wow, this is EXACTLY what I wanted” when they work with me and their man appears.


Like my client Alli:


“Usually I am single and thinking about how I might find love in the next year. Well… NOT THIS YEAR!!! Thanks to you and the program I am in THE relationship of my DREAMS!! Or rather, I am living the relationship that I wrote out as one of our exercises. R____ is his name, and he is everything I imagined. Him and I talk about life, love marriage, and family… He is my benevolent, talented, handsome King. He is the epitome of my ideal man”


If you want to go from wondering how you’ll find love, to being with your KING, let’s talk. You can exchange your heart and have love like this!


Don’t give up your dreams. Just set up time to talk with us this week.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you want results like Alli, book a free Breakthrough to Love call with us. It’ll be the best 45 minutes you spend on your love life all year (and way more impactful and fun than another boring coffee date). Just go here to get your spot right now:

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