Did you spend Christmas Eve just waiting, waiting with excitement to see what you’d get the next day?


We don’t mind waiting when we know something good is coming 🙂


But finding love is a little different than finding presents under the tree. Because most women’s mindset about dating and love…well, it sucks. Instead of anticipating the good, we dread the bad and stay closed off to love.


It takes patience to find love, yes, but more importantly, it takes a willingness to grow, to change, to reinvent yourself.


Have you ever seen a woman who was so stunningly beautiful you stopped to stare? Or have you ever meet a woman who was so giving, so generous, so loving, that your own heart opened too? 


Have you ever seen a powerful couple totally in love, holding hands, whispering, lighting up the world with their joy, and wanted that too? Love like that is palpable.


Powerful women aren’t just born that way. They CHOOSE to be powerful, in life and in love.


Most people wait until the New Year to reinvent themselves. 


But why wait to become a woman of love, if waiting means you may miss out on your soulmate? 


The holidays are actually one of the best times to meet someone. I met my husband in December, my first boyfriend in December, and another long term boyfriend in December. 


This is the time of the year we return to the important things in life — like love, partnership, commitment, devotion, loyalty, and giving.


So if you wait until January or even Valentines Day to get started, it may be too late if you want an incredible relationship…


More people find love from November to February than any other time of year…but you have to get the skills to take advantage of this season. And it takes a month or so to learn those skills (for many people it takes years or decades, but my clients learn in a matter of weeks).


As a woman, you are PRIMED to reinvent yourself. We are so much better than men at change: changing ourselves, our looks, our attitudes, our skills, our life. 


But it’s pretty hard to do that all alone, in an area of life so riddled with landmines…”how do I use the apps?” 


“why do I have no interest in the guys who like me but the ones I want pay me no attention?” 


“If I attracted cheaters in the past will I keep doing so again? How will I know?” 


“No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get to commitment — what gives?” 


“People tell me I’m intimidating…but why should I give up my assertiveness and confidence?”


“When is a good time to be intimate? Does it really push a man away?”


If love were easy to find and keep on its own, everyone would be in a great relationship.


So if you’re reading this, it’s a perfect time to reach out for help. I’m offering my signature Love Strategy Sessions again now. 


They’re free, BUT, you have to be serious about finding love — I’m not here to convert the skeptics. I’m here to help heart-centered women who know they want love, but who just don’t know how to get it.


If that’s you — if you’ve decided you want love, if you’re committed to having partnership, and if you’re willing to learn the right skills and tools to date effectively and attract the love of your life — then let’s talk.


The longer you wait to take action the less likely it is to happen. So get out of your own way, stop just “waiting,” and take the next little step to reinvent yourself as a goddess of love now.


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. If you know you want love but your mindset or fears are holding you back, or if you’ve convinced yourself you just have to “wait” it out, you’re blocking your partner from finding you! It’s not just about you missing out — he or she is too, and everyone around you who could be learning from your example of love. I’m here to help but only if you’re committed and determined — I can’t coach someone who’s not open to change. Good news is, women are amazing at reinventing themselves and creating the life they want, once they have the right support and tools. Find out if that’s you by booking a free Love Strategy Session here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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