Do you look at dating as a battle?


If someone breaks up with you do you feel like you “lose”?


We live in such a competitive society it can feel like finding love is full of winners and losers. But the truth is, the best love happens when everyone wins.


If you think you have to be “right”…


Or that you have to “win” in every text or conversation or date…


Your partner is probably feeling like they have to lose. Or, that “there’s no way to win with you…”




It can be the kiss of death to a date or relationship when the other person feels they can’t do anything right…or that it’s never enough…or that there’s no way for you to be happy.


Now, truly no one can make you happy, that’s up to you.


But I would bet a love interest would love to see you smile! And to see you receive their love with ease and satisfaction, instead of criticism or self-righteousness.


Look we all get into this trap sometimes…many women I’ve worked with to help find true love, were stuck feeling hopeless or that they always lost in love…


and then they would find reasons to not like the men who were good for them…they would find reasons that anyone who came close to them would lose.


Imagine if you were always winning in love? If your dates and experiences were fun, easy, and connected?


Imagine if your date or partner felt like a winner too? Don’t you think that would improve their mood, their confidence, their desire to be with you?


Are you ready for a love where everyone wins?


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. you can absolutely create win-win dates and relationships, where it gets better and better and more and more supportive! This makes dating so much fun! If you’re committed to being a woman of love who attracts a partner who feels like they won the lottery with you, a partner you still deeply respect and desire, let’s talk! We offer free Breakthrough to Love sessions for women ready to win in love — just book your spot here:

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